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Walk This Way South Bank

post-image 30th September 2016

South Bank is an area of incredible history, architecture, culture and regeneration. In recognition of this, South Bank Employers’ Group, South Bank London.com and the South Bank BID have jointly created an architectural guide to the area, to celebrate the rich history of the landscape, and the buildings that populate it.

Within this guide, you will see South Bank, not merely in its current form, but as a product of a rich and coloured history. In many ways, the story of South Bank is the story pf  Catch a glimpse of the landscape as it was, and in doing so, understand what factors have made this once forgotten area of London the shining example of urban regeneration and renewal that it is today.

The guide is a revisitation of the once very popular Walk This Way series that was created by South Bank Employers’ Group in 2009. In a sense, the guide’s significance goes beyond its being an informative and entertaining walking handbook. Now, as the organisation is about to celebrate its 25 anniversary, the content of this guide is owed in no small part the crucial role that South Bank Employers’ Group has played in the development of the area.

Have a look at a digital copy of the Walk This Way guide below. If you would your own free copy, get in touch with us by clicking here

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