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Volunteering and Team-Building


Being part of the community in South Bank means many opportunities to give back, and there are numerous local organisations BID members can partner with to help make a difference. Dedicating time to volunteer can also offer great corporate bonding opportunities, and a chance to make connections across organisations. 

Beach Clean

South Bank is fortunate to have the River Thames right on its doorstep, and one of the ways businesses located here can take advantage of this is through taking part in a beach clean. In 2020, the BID is running a series of beach cleans throughout the year, while will be open to all levy paying businesses to attend: similarly, businesses in South Bank have the option of arranging their own beach clean for their employees by partnering with organisations such as Thames 21 and Bywaters, who provide the tools to ensure rubbish is effectively collected and sorted, and that it is transported for proper disposal and recycling.

For more information on how to set up your own beach clean, please contact BID@Southbanklondon.com.

Oasis Farm Waterloo

An urban farm just moments away from the heart of South Bank, the Oasis Farm Waterloo team have transformed a strip of wasteland into a flourishing community resource and a haven for nature. The farm offers a range of corporate volunteer projects to suit size and budget, and are the perfect opportunity to cultivate an atmosphere of team bonding.

A volunteering day begins with a farm tour, giving volunteers an overview of the work the farm does. After refreshments, the team splits into groups to take on tasks, for example, making signs, preparing beds, sowing seeds, weeding and site maintenance. In the afternoon, the jobs will usually rotate around, so everyone gets an opportunity to work on different projects. This is a great opportunity to return to nature and support green regeneration in the city centre.

For further information, please visit http://oasisfarmwaterloo.org/.


If you or your employees have any surplus unwanted food, office furniture, clothing or other resources, the BID can help connect you with local organisations based in South Bank and Waterloo seeking donations. If you would like further information on this, please contact BID@southbanklondon.com or visit the list of voluntary organisations in our area here.