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Terrorism and the Threat

post-image 20th May 2016

The threat from terrorism to the UK remains both real and serious. An attack could take place at any time without warning and any organisation could be directly or indirectly affected. Acts of terrorism vary in terms of scale and purpose. Some seek merely to inflict superficial damage or cause public distress to draw attention to a particular cause. But others carry a more malicious intent.

The most significant threat facing the UK comes from international terrorism and its stated ambitions to mount ‘high impact’ attacks that combine mass casualties with substantial disruption to key services such as energy, transport and communications. This is a threat that is different in scale and intent to any that the UK has faced before.

Initial assessment of an unattended or suspicious item:

An initial assessment of any potential unattended or suspicious item may save a business or residence a huge inconvenience and potential cost by applying some basic principles. These principles should only be applied by an experienced person who knows the area well and is accustomed to the surroundings. The following is the HOT principle and is broken down as follows:

H – Has the item been HIDDEN. Has any attempt been made to conceal it from view or place where accidental discovery is likely. Innocent items are not usually hidden deliberately. Explosive devices, due to the consequences of the device being found are not usually left in the open.

O – Is the item OBVIOUS. Does it look like a bomb (can any wiring, circuitry, power supply be seen, is there something that may be an incendiary or explosive device attached to it?) Has it been found after a suspicious event? Does it look like it belongs in its surroundings?

T – Is the item TYPICAL. Is the item typical of what you might reasonably expect to find in the given location?

If after applying the HOT principle you still believe the item to be suspicious or if you have ANY doubts whatsoever do not take any chances and report it to the Police using 999 as soon as possible.