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With the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark both declaring a climate crisis, the BID works strategically with businesses, landowners and local stakeholders across South Bank to deliver forward thinking environmental health initiatives, tackling issues such as air quality, carbon emissions, and plastic usage.

The BID is also a member of the London & Partners Working Group on Climate Change and also the Cross-River Partnership, which brings together a number of organisations from across London and has been a leader in environmental sustainability, with current projects including Clean Air Thames, Clean Air Villages, and Smart Electric Urban Logistics.

Electric Cleaning Vehicles

One of the steps the BID has taken to make improvements to air quality is by purchasing two new electric cleaning vehicles – an eco litter picker and a van for graffiti removal and street cleaning. These vehicles are now located in the BID area on a permanent basis, and are part of a larger movement to ensure a growing percentage of vehicles operating or coming into South Bank are electric.

Cross River Partnership

South Bank BID, in collaboration with 12 London boroughs and 3 other Business Improvement Districts, is a project partner for the Clean Air Villages 3 project, as lead by Cross River Partnership.

The DEFRA funded project aims to improve the air quality in 16 different London ‘villages’, where both air pollution and population density levels are high.

Lessons learnt in each of the business, community and hospital-led ‘villages’ will be shared across these sectors, for maximum air quality impact achievements.

To access South Bank BID’s Clean Air Villages Directory, which makes it easier for businesses to find suppliers providing their services using ultra low-emission vehicles, cargo bikes or by foot, please see here.

South Bank Air Aware Scheme

In an effort to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of air quality in the South Bank, South Bank BID has partnered with one of its levy paying organisations and one of the worldwide leading research bodies in this field, King’s College London, to install a series of air quality monitoring networks across the area.

The technology is the first of its kind in the country and allows South Bank to paint a comprehensive picture for all those who live, work and visit here of precisely which areas are being impacted the most by negative air quality and what the most likely sources are. Implementing the project provides the area with the most detailed data available against which to benchmark all future sustainability based projects.

Local Deliveries and Freight Consolidation

South Bank BID is working with transport bodies such as TFL and a number of large South Bank employers, landowners and property developers to help minimise the impact of repeat freight deliveries. The growing number of businesses based in South Bank has lead to a rise in the number of deliveries coming to the area, particularly personal deliveries. This has a measured direct impact on the air quality of South Bank, increases traffic and disrupts the pedestrian experience. South Bank BID works with TFL to provide resources for businesses to both minimise in-house deliveries and effectively communicate the benefit of click and collect deliveries to their staff.

Looking toward long term initiatives to tackle this issue, the BID is moving forward with delivering a Freight Consolidation Programme for the area, in coordination with local stakeholders. This includes having a recommended list of suppliers for deliveries coming in and waste being removed from the area, alongside providing incentives for local businesses to sign up to the scheme.