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Spotlight On: The Vaults

post-image 29th November 2016

This month we’ve had a quick conversation with Kieron Vanstone, Director of The Vaults. 

How did the Vaults come into being? I had been working for The Old Vic in The Old Vic Tunnels (now The House of Vans). When The Old Vic closed we were cancelling a few shows and events. I knew the space well, having used it as a satellite space for The Old Vic, spoke to the landlord, showed the clients the new space and we had our first event one month after The Old Vic Tunnels closed.

When did you start working at the Vaults and how did you come to work there? I founded the space. It’s my company that works with Network Rail on its continued use.The Vaults

What makes the Vaults different or unique? What sets it apart? I’d say the type of people that naturally gravitate towards it, both that work here and those that come for pleasure, make it a community. And we’re all just looking for that family we can be a part of and feel safe within.

The VaultsIf you’re talking to someone who’s never been to the Vaults before, how would you describe it? We’re the place you go to for that night you remember when you were 18, and you keep looking for. And there’s this weird thing that when you’re underground you feel as though you can let loose and be naughtier within. Architecturally, we’re 11 different rooms, of different shapes, sizes and styles; some smelly brick, some dry white wall, some in-between

What has been your best memory of working at the Vaults so far? So many. Too many. Most recent, we are currently hosting the immersive play Trainspotting. On Saturday night, Shotgun Carousel put on the party everyone should have been at. Team Trainspottingvaults-spotlight-3 could be seen, in the wee hours, pole dancing on the back of a zebra, full crowd in awe. Then Dean took
his top off and they pole-danced-off.

Can you tell us about one of your most recent shows/events/happenings? Next week alone we’ll be opening A Christmas Carol, have a Life Drawing class, show Trainspotting 12 times, late night performances of F*cking Men, Christmas parties for Global, Leo Burnett and NBC, 4 nights of very messy dining Christmess, Bizarre Bazaar (Christmas market of the underground ilk), and The Dance Before Christmas. It would be too unfair of me to single one out!