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Spine Route Regeneration


Project Description: The aim of the South Bank Spine Route public realm project is to improve Upper Ground, Belvedere Road and their connecting streets. This has been initiated by Lambeth Council, with support and endorsement from South Bank Employers’ Group and South Bank BID.

The ‘Spine Route’, is a key vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist route running through the heart of South Bank, and is the main crossing point from Waterloo Station to many of the cultural institutions in the area.

This project seeks to improve the Spine Route, taking account of the ways in which it can support its key functions more efficiently, and identifying opportunities for it to further contribute to the area’s success as a place to live, work and visit.

The Council has commissioned landscape designers and urban architects LDA design to finalise the plans, after consultations and inputs from businesses. These plans are estimated to be completed by early 2021, with construction beginning during the year.

Status: Finalised designs and plans currently being produced.

Completion Date: 2022.

Developer: Lambeth Council.