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SoWN – Have your Say

post-image 18th December 2014

South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours – Have your Say

A neighbourhood development plan is being prepared in the South Bank which will see local businesses and residents have a legal say in the future of the area, and BID businesses are invited to be involved.

Neighbourhood Planning is a part of the Localism Act (2011) and allows local people to set out how the area should improve in the next few years. The plan will say how construction and development could help create retail, better public spaces, affordable housing and infrastructure which benefits those who live and work here, alleviating some of the pressure faced from heavy traffic, rising footfall, development and pollution.

Over the summer, you may have noticed or participated in local consultation events, evening debates and walking tours the South Bank & Waterloo Neighbours (SoWN) arranged, feeding in your thoughts about the ‘burning issues’ facing the neighbourhood.  The information collected has been used to develop a set of policies and projects to improve the area.

South Bank BID businesses are invited to comment on these policies and projects by visiting the SoWN website www.sowneighbours.org and commenting online.  There will also be a business briefing early in the New Year, to which BID businesses will be invited, or you could call the SoWN’s secretary Ben Stephenson on 020 7202 6900 to join the group or discuss how the neighbourhood plan might affect you.