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Update: Southbank Place Development

post-image 1st August 2016

We regularly feature information from our partners the Visitor Management Group, and their website: OurSouthBank, who are always the first to be informed about road closures from Lambeth Council and Transport for London. In addition, they receive regular updates with certified information from both organisations on new developments, traffic information and road closures in the area. The following is just one example of the many informative updates from OurSouthBank.

The Southbank Place development is going ahead as planned. Construction teams on site are ahead of schedule in some areas, and work is expected to be completed by May 2018.

Of the many issues that arise with any development on this scale, a major one comes in the form of taxis alighting on Chicheley Street/Belvedere Road and blocking the road, creating an unsafe crossing point for pedestrians. OurSouthBank got in touch with Lambeth Council who installed a hatched yellow box on the road, which should help to reduce the number of taxis alighting on this section of the street.

For travel and construction updates, click here to access the OurSouthBank website.