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South Bank Security: Joint Police and South Bank Patrol Cycle Marking Scheme

post-image 8th May 2015

Met Police, TfL and South Bank Patrol are urging cyclists and owners of bike lockers to take simple crime prevention measures to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of bicycle theft. South Bank BID businesses can benefit from a range of measures, including workplace events via the BikeRegister scheme, an initiative that provides instant cycle marking and registration to an online database.

The number of cyclists in South Bank has increased and so tackling this problem is important. In the last year there were nearly 200 bike thefts in the South Bank BID area and bike theft is usually under-reported by as much as 50%, meaning the actual number is likely to be far greater.

To find out more about the scheme and arrange an event for your business, email our Security Manager Adam Loxley: adam.loxley@southbanklondon.com