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Simple Steps to Businesses Prevent Cyber Attacks

post-image 29th June 2017

To help businesses arm themselves against cyber attacks, the Metropolitan Police Cyber Protect Team (Operation FALCON) have released a set of five videos to raise cyber awareness.

Each video lasts a couple of minutes and covers the following topics:

  • PasswordsCreate a password that’s too hard for criminals to crack by choosing #ThreeRandomWords
  • Computer UpdatesUpdates are vital in protecting your device from ransomware and other malicious software.
  • PhishingPhishing is a form of fraud where criminals trick you into giving personal information by posing as a trusted organisation
  • Wi-Fi SafetyCybercriminals can intercept personal information being shared online when you use public Wi-Fi
  • Online IdentityStop thieves stealing your ID, update privacy settings on all social media accounts. Only let people you know see your pages

View the videos here