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Save Money on Utilities with South Bank BID Offer

post-image 15th July 2015

The South Bank BID has teamed up with Utilitywise, an established energy consultancy, to facilitate joint purchasing of utilities with a view to reducing costs to South Bank BID businesses. This has already been tried by our neighbours in Waterloo Quarter BID and has led to savings by some businesses of as much as 30% of energy costs and average savings of over 10% with the potential for further reductions later.

This is accomplished by putting together a number of customers to achieve contracts sourced via a corporate buying matrix with lower rates than a smaller business usually qualifies for. We understand that in other areas larger businesses have benefitted too.

As well as immediate reductions the benefits of our energy initiative are:

  • Greater customer service levels and energy monitoring.
  • Further consolidation over the next few years leading to greater purchasing flexibility and increased potential for savings.

If you would like to investigate saving money on your electricity and gas all you need to do is

  1. Download the Letter of Authority and sign and return this to authorise Utilitywise to access information on your current energy costs
  2. Provide a copy of a utility bill for both gas and electricity.

Our partner, Utilitywise, will then check what savings you could make.

You can sign the Letter of Authority and receive pricing information without any obligations to accept. Please be assured that no changes will be made to your energy provision without further reference to you. This letter does not allow Utilitywise to enter into or cancel any existing contracts and you are not committed to make any changes just by signing the letter.

We are confident that we can save you money on your gas and electricity through participation in this scheme and the more businesses that participate, the greater the potential for savings.