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Rewards Scheme for South Bank Locals: What do you think?

post-image 25th November 2016

South Bank BID and a neighbouring BID, WeAreWaterloo are collaborating to create a new Local Rewards card which will provide discounts (big ones) for all of the best shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres and much more in Waterloo and South Bank.

The card is aimed at local residents, students and employees. We understand that currently, the visitor population is able to take advantage of the area’s huge cultural and entertainment offering more than locals, simply because they tend to have more disposable income (as they’re on holiday or having days out) while our community may have little time or drive to enjoy London’s best area. As a special thanks to locals for making our community what it is, we’ve decided to implement this rewards scheme.
That’s where you come in. To ensure the card works for you, we want to know what type of offers you’d like to see, what will make you pick up this card and use it. Click here to access our questionnaire!
The more you tell us, the more we can give you. Take a couple of minutes (it’s seven multiple choice questions) to give us your thoughts, so that we can make this community project a success.
Thank you!