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Public Realm


Regenerating South Bank and keeping it safe and clean is the job of our Public Realm Team. The South Bank is a complex balance between public and private, international and local, business and leisure. We are tasked with creating a world class place in partnership with a variety of stakeholders, a mission which reflects the most fundamental aims of our member organisations and of South Bank BID.

South Bank Patrol

What are your concerns for security in South Bank? Is it unlicensed street trading, or anti-social behaviour? What will happen as budgets are further reduced? South Bank BID businesses can have a big impact on how crime and security are tackled by telling us what they see and experience and putting measures in place that protect their property and their employees. The aim of South Bank Patrol Service is to listen and respond.

South Bank Patrol works to deter crime, reduce and eliminate unlicensed street trading, the threat of terrorism, petty crime and anti-social behaviour, and engage with private security teams, police and other agencies throughout the area. The Patrol represents the interests of local businesses by working in partnership on crime reduction schemes and projects, using contacts at all levels of government including the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, and by engaging with local businesses to address the security issues important to their organisation and employees. New schemes provide, for instance, additional police resources to South Bank to tackle security issues, including unlicensed street trading, aggressive begging, unlawful gambling, street drinking and theft.

South Bank BID businesses can find out more about the security services available to them by contacting the Public Realm Team at bid@southbanklondon.com

If you witness a crime in progress call 999 or 101 for immediate assistance.

Met Patrol Plus

The Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) current local policing model does not currently provide the degree of police visibility in our neighbourhood that is expected by stakeholders.  A new scheme, Met Patrol Plus, will provide for uniformed police officers to be supplied on a ‘buy one, get one free’ basis within the South Bank BID area for a minimum of 3 years. The aim of the scheme is to enhance police visibility in the area and to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

The officers will blend problem solving and direct enforcement activity to address the priorities of the South Bank. This includes unlicensed street trading, aggressive begging, street drinking, anti-social behaviour  and the theft of personal property from people at venues.

The police officers will work closely with the area’s private security teams. This will include them undertaking joint patrols and working with the South Bank Patrol. They will be expected to attend stakeholder and community meetings, as well as functions which will enhance their visibility and engagement within the area and enable them to undertake effective problem solving with our community. This work will be completed in partnership with a number of statutory and non statutory organisations that have a responsibility for tackling crime and anti social behaviour in the area.

Funded by South Bank BID and London Eye Section 106, Met Plus is a project jointly run with the Metropolitan Police. In early 2017, the team was expanded to include four officers, in direct response to the needs of our local businesses.

South Bank BID businesses can find out more about the security services available to them by contacting the Public Realm Team at bid@southbanklondon.com

The South Bank Clean Team

The South Bank Clean Team service provides additional cleansing and graffiti removal to the South Bank area, providing a flexible, responsive service where it is needed. This ensures the area remains clean and free of graffiti to a standard appropriate to the quality and reputation of the area and in the face of ever increasing footfall.

The Clean Team service operates seven days a week, to ensure the public spaces of South Bank and Waterloo are kept clean and tidy and aims to ensure all graffiti in the area is removed within twenty four working hours (or four hours if offensive). The Clean Team service also undertakes pavement jet washing, reporting abandoned bikes to be removed and gritting during the winter months, as well as a variety of other jobs in the area, including polishing street furniture, weeding and clearing landscaped borders, putting up posters and maintaining signage.

Employees, residents and visitors can report problems in the area, which will be acted on by The Clean Team. Issues can be reported by contacting the Public Realm team here.

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