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Our South Bank: Graffiti Update

post-image 13th January 2016

Towards the end of 2015 there has been an increase in instances of graffiti and vandalism in the South Bank area. Not only does graffiti look unsightly,  it is costly to remove and often causes permanent damage.

The BID is currently working with the South Bank Police to tackle the graffiti problem on the South Bank, in particular by prolific taggers. To do this the BID uses the South Bank Clean Team who have specialist training in removing graffiti. The team first record any instance of defamation or graffiti so that it may be related to police, and then they remove it.

Our South Bank  is a website that serves as a live update resource for construction works, travel updates and issues, planning notifications and any other aspect of the public realm. The site includes a useful reporting tool where graffiti and fly-tipping in the South Bank area can be reported, and attended to.