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New South Bank London marketing campaign celebrates the moments that matter

post-image 28th June 2021

A core service South Bank BID funds for its levy payers is the South Bank London destination marketing brand, which pre-pandemic attracted over 600,000 web visitors per annum to South Bank London, and which continues to have over 335,000 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through South Bank London we promote the attractions, cultural venues, restaurants, retailers and hotels that make South Bank one of London’s most popular neighbourhoods and ensure South Bank plays a key role in national and international marketing programmes to both personal and business travellers looking to come to London.

With the majority of businesses open in South Bank again, we have created a new Welcome Back campaign, which is now live on our digital marketing channels and across our poster sites in South Bank. The campaign also features new easy to use colourful maps and What’s On posters, which we will refresh on a regular basis as attractions change and evolve in the months ahead.

Craig Hurring, Marketing and Communications Director, commented: “Our new campaign celebrates with colour and charm why South Bank is the perfect location for people to get together again and savour those small moments that pre-pandemic we all took for granted. Whether a picnic in Jubilee Gardens, a shopping trip with friends to Gabriel’s Wharf or an unforgettable anniversary trip on the London Eye, the campaign shows many of the ways in which South Bank is the perfect location to choose for friends, families and businesses getting together safely again.”

The campaign will also support the national ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign, which South Bank BID is a significant investor in. The new TV ad for this campaign went live last week and features the London Eye. More South Bank elements will feature in different channels as the campaign continues. You can see the new TV advert here.

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