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Our Chief Executive: Looking Ahead

post-image 8th March 2016

It was great to see so many of you at the member event in February, at Mondrian London – I hope that you found it both informative and enjoyable, and thanks to Anne and Mondrian London for hosting.

Since then, the BID Board has met to discuss and agree the 2016/17 Business Plan, and I will be emailing a copy of this to you, with a note on the main services that the BID is committed to supporting in the year.  In addition to the focus on safety and security, cleaning and greening, and marketing and promotion, we’ll be taking forward a number of other initiatives, including a research and business engagement project which we are calling Living Wage South Bank.

Our aim is to provide evidence, support and a commitment to businesses in the South Bank who are considering the opportunities and implications of becoming a London Living Wage employer. South Bank BID will work with the Living Wage Foundation and London Citizens will undertake research and mapping, that’s designed to engage businesses and to assess the extent to which employers understand the benefits of adopting the London Living Wage, and how it could assist them to attract and employ local residents in a range of South Bank jobs.  We are also going to undertake consumer research to evaluate the extent to which being an accredited London Living Wage employer influences consumer behaviour, and do work with local residents to find out more about their working/pay situations, and to learn from them as to what employers can do to attract them into South Bank jobs.

Living Wage South Bank is supported by Lambeth Council and Southwark Council.

As a business body, we recognise that employers will have a range of motivations and reasons for looking at the London Living Wage, and in considering accreditation.  We also know that many employers have commitments to engage with programmes and partners that target and work with local residents who are either unemployment, seeking work, or striving to greater financial self-sufficiency. Living Wage South Bank is ultimately about assisting employers to better understand the benefits of adopting the London Living Wage and how they can effectively use accreditation as part of their business and corporate strategies.

Please do get in touch with me if you would like more information on Living Wage South Bank.

Nic Durston

Chief Executive – South Bank BID