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Lambeth Response to Paris Attacks

post-image 26th November 2015

In response to the Paris Attacks on the 13 November,  the Metropolitan Police Service in Lambeth have deployed additional police in the South Bank area.  They have also provided the following advice for businesses:

  • Police officers in uniform will be conducting high visibility patrols in and around your business premises. Where possible, officers will always seek to inform staff of their presence, and police are asking for your support for the deployment of our officers in and around your premises.
  • Plain clothes patrols will be deployed but officers will always carry warrant cards. These have “POLICE OFFICER” in red writing at the top and include a photo, name, warrant number and rank. A genuine police officer will always be happy to show you his or her warrant card and, if there is any doubt, please call 101 to verify their identity.
  • Those with BCRP radios,  are asked to ensure that your radio is charged, switched on and being actively monitored by your security teams.
  • Please ensure that your normal security procedures are well rehearsed and your teams are clear on the role they can play in the event of any incident.
  • Any suspicious activity or behaviour should be immediately notified to police on 101. In an emergency, where the suspects are present, 999 should be called. Alternatively, you can call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.