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Joint Policy Statement on Waterloo Station

post-image 23rd July 2015

South Bank BID and Waterloo Quarter BID recognise that the barrier created by Waterloo Station seriously affects the proper functioning of the South Bank and Waterloo neighbourhood in terms of pedestrian environment, quality of transport interchange, attractiveness as a tourist and cultural destination and opportunity for retail. We further recognise that although Lambeth and Network Rail policy is to create routes through the station between York Road and Lower Marsh, new routes are not likely to be created for some 5-10 years minimum and existing routes leave much to be desired in terms of legibility and public realm quality.

South Bank BID and Waterloo Quarter BID therefore commit to work together to promote, help secure funding, influence and where appropriate deliver as many of the following improvements as possible.

a)  IMAX roundabout/Waterloo Road improvements

  • Influence the TfL proposals currently in design, ensuring that they achieve improvements to Waterloo Road and adjacent streets as well as the IMAX roundabout itself.
  • Simplify and improve bus interchange in Waterloo Road
  • Cater better for pedestrians exiting from the Jubilee Line exit from Waterloo Station
  • Improve the quality of both sides of Waterloo Road as a north-south route for pedestrians
  • Use all possible influence to accelerate delivery of the improvements.

b)  Leake Street

  • Influence the owners of Leake Street to create a safer, more attractive and better lit environment for pedestrians.
  • Open up retail or other publicly accessible uses both in Leake Street itself and in the adjacent tunnels, whether pop-up or on a long term basis.
  • Implement already agreed proposals for the pocket park at the Lower Marsh end of Leake Street and the funded improvements to the York Road end (subject to Elizabeth House and WIT construction works).

c)  Addington Street Roundabout and Westminster Bridge Road tunnel

  • Jointly influence the design of the TfL plans for the Addington Street roundabout and the Lambeth Council-led Westminster Bridge Road project to create the best possible pedestrian environment from Westminster Bridge to Lambeth North.
  • Use all possible influence to accelerate the delivery of both projects.

d)  Station Master-planning

  • Work jointly to influence the NR Property and masterplannng teams to secure the inclusion of measures to reduce the station’s impact on its environs in the works proposed for CP5 (up to 2019).
  • To include measures around Exit 2 which facilitate improvements to pedestrian flows in Waterloo Road; an improved and more legible route from Exit 1 and Spur Road to Lower Marsh; improved signage in the station, linked to signage and wayfinding proposals for the station environs.

e)  Signage and Wayfinding

  • Secure funding for, and jointly commission design and implementation of signage and wayfinding measures which
    • Enhance Legible London signage where appropriate;
    • Create new signage and wayfinding designed to overcome the barriers imposed by the station and to enable pedestrians to make the best use of existing links between York Road and Lower Marsh and The Cut.

f)  Visitor Information

  • Joint working with NR and its Station Concierge contractor Excess Baggage, Lambeth Council and all relevant South Bank and Waterloo stakeholders to introduce and sustain visitor information services in Waterloo Station

g)  Management Issues

  • Collaborate to secure, fund and deliver a seamless high quality management regime in the areas of highest footfall on all sides of the station, including cleansing, graffiti management and enforcement
  • Ensure that the regime outside the station meshes with NR management provision on its property, both internal and external.
  • Joint pressure on Lambeth to reinstate high quality street furniture removed from Waterloo Road and The Cut and a joint programme to clean and maintain it.