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Insights and Resources

Being a levy payer to the BID provides businesses with access to critical information regarding local performance and development that may impact their organisation. This includes footfall and audience data on request, alongside updates and reports on property developments going ahead in South Bank over the next few years.

Development News

South Bank is poised to go undergo a crucial amount of development over the next few years, with certain areas receiving much needed regeneration and new developments coming into the area.

South Bank BID is a key partner in facilitating discussion between levy payers and developers, ensuring businesses are able to provide their feedback, and that project developers are given an opportunity to demonstrate how their scheme will benefit and impact the area. The BID monthly newsletter also delivers the latest news on development news in the area and includes listings for any consultations happening in the area.

You can find up-to-date listings for all the development schemes currently happening in South Bank and contact points for further details here. You can also contact the BID via bid@southbanklondon.com to ask for further information on projected timelines or updates on major development projects in the area.

Marketing and Footfall Insights

The BID invests in marketing and footfall data from leading agencies, to capture a comprehensive picture of the level of traffic in the area throughout the year. South Bank is one of most visited destinations in London; using data to gain a deeper understanding of the buying trends and movements of the different audience segments coming to South Bank allows customer facing businesses to take advantage of this level of footfall.

If businesses would like access to the complete report, please contact BID@southbanklondon.com.