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South Bank is the cultural heart of London, and home to many different pioneering organisations and cultural institutions. The BID is committed to ensuring that there are no obstacles to the benefits of visiting, working and living in South Bank, including access to employment and a fair living wage, with businesses at the centre of this process.  

Accessible South Bank Project

In partnership with South Bank Venues Group, South Bank Marketing Group and South Bank Employers’ Group, South Bank BID has worked with leading disability charity AccessAble to have accessibility experts comprehensively audit over 50 of the area’s leading cultural institutions, hotels, restaurants and retailers. The release of the resulting complete Access Guides has positioned South Bank as one of the leading locations in London for accessibility information.  

Disability affects over 13 million UK citizens and the so-called Purple Pound is currently estimated to be worth £249 billion. Research conducted by AccessAble suggests 98% of people with accessibility needs check location criteria in advance of going somewhere for the first time and 76% have specifically not visited a place because of a lack of available accessibility information. With over 30 million visitors a year, South Bank is world-famous for its outstanding cultural and artistic institutions and visitor attractions. The highly visible nature of the area, including a leading teaching hospital and the country’s busiest railway station, ensures that creating these Access Guides would be a crucial step forward in a city-wide move towards inclusivity. 

The complete Access Guides are available on South Bank London, and both AccessAble’s Website and App. Venues that participated also received detailed instructional guides on the steps they can take to improve accessibility in the future.

South Bank Employment and Skills Support

The BID helps fund the Waterloo Job Shop, which works to ensure levy paying businesses have access to the best in available talent, with an emphasis on local residents. Through working with local education bodies alongside employers on a sector by sector level, the BID’s place-specific employment and skills service is designed to dismantle traditional barriers to employment.

For further details on the BID’s employment and skills scheme, please click here.

South Bank Living Wage Project

South Bank BID works to offer advice and guidance, broker business to business support and provide insight into ongoing research for all businesses in the area who are considering the benefits of paying the London Living Wage. The “South Bank Living Wage” project was undertaken by South Bank BID, in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation and London Citizens, and is designed to support those organisations by providing them with the resources and research on the positive benefits of the London Living Wage.

The final report produced presents the outcome of this exploration and data collection. Through detailed research and engagement with residents, consumers and employers, the report assesses the impact of the London Living Wage on aspects of the local economy, particularly brand, recruitment and competitiveness.

To access the complete “South Bank Living Wage” report, please see here.