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Destination Marketing


South Bank is at the heart of London’s cultural scene, attracting more than 30 million visitors a year. The BID invests in maintaining and strengthening South Bank’s reputation, through a dedicated destination marketing service, promoting the best of what the area has to offer, alongside engaging with those who live and work here to encourage them to invest and spend their time in South Bank.

South Bank London

The BID funds South Bank London, is one of the city’s leading destination marketing channels, receiving 50-60,000 website visits a month with a combined audience of over 330,000 across its social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. South Bank London is the primary source for all direct to consumer activity happening in the South Bank, with content regularly created and tailored for a wide range of audience segments, including local residents and workers, alongside both domestic and international visitors.

South Bank London also strategically partners with other major London marketing destination sites to ensure events in South Bank continue to receive high visibility and promotion, befitting such an important cultural area.

South Bank BID businesses and their employees can benefit from South Bank London’s marketing platforms in the following ways:

  • Be listed on the South Bank London website: Retailers, bars, hotels and restaurants in South Bank are able to have their business listed on the South Bank London website, and benefit from their high footfall channels.
  • Be kept up to date on all that happens in South Bank: the South Bank London website and monthly newsletter provide the best overview for workers and employers in South Bank on the latest offers in the area, exciting cultural events, food and drink guides, and more.

Arts & Culture

South Bank has a rich cultural heritage which the BID is committed to preserving and growing, primarily through sponsoring and attracting world-class events to the area. The BID is careful to partner with organisations and experiences that embody the creative and modern ethos of South Bank.

This has included Lumiere London in 2018, which attracted over 150,000 visitors during period of the year in South Bank which typically receives less footfall. Launched in South Bank by the Mayor of London, the event created an estimated economic impact of £2.3 million for the area.

South Bank BID is also a co-sponsor of the 2022 VAULT Festival, one of the world’s biggest curated Arts festivals, after having sponsored the festival in 2022. With 600 shows taking place in 13 locations across South Bank and Waterloo, the festival is a prime opportunity to attract both established and exciting new talent to the area.

Attracting events of a high calibre and befitting the area’s history helps keep South Bank front of mind as a major destination for local, domestic and international audiences, bring new footfall for businesses, and ensures workers and residents here benefit from having a world-class events portfolio right at their footsteps.

London & Partners

The BID is a high level member of London & Partners, investing in both the domestic ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign and upcoming international campaign, due to launch in 2022. The BID’s investment ensures South Bank and its businesses receive high visibility, bringing significant footfall to our area to spend money in our hotels, cultural bodies, restaurants and retailers in the midst of pandemic recovery: the domestic campaign launched in 2021 saw an estimated £70 million in additional visitor spend delivered to London’s economy.