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Spotlight On: David Chipperfield Architects

post-image 20th June 2016

It’s telling of the quality of any business when not only your organisation is global (David Chipperfield has practices in Milan, Berlin, Shanghai and of course London), but your accolades are as well.

It’s perhaps even more telling when a good proportion of the over 100 awards and commendations gifted to DC_portrait_high resDavid Chipperfield in recognition of truly great architectural design have been donated by names carrying as much gravitas as RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), the EU, and the RFAC (Royal Fine Art Commission).

To add even more weight to the ledger, the man behind the practice David Chipperfield has also been decorated in kind for services to architecture. Sir David Allan Chipperfield CBE, RA, RDI, RIBA; his name reads more like an anagram than a title.

There are quite a few major projects in the pipeline at David Chipperfield. Notably the Mughal Museum in Agra, India, a modern design set to be built within a 6-acre plot of land within walking distance of the Taj Mahal; the City of Justice in Barcelona, a nine building law complex designed with communication in mind, placed deliberately close together to ease administrative difficulties caused from working across different sites in the same city. Other design innovations include the internationally lauded Nobel Museum in Sweden which is yet to be constructed, the Neues Museum in Berlin (completed in 2009), and the sprawling Fayland House which was recently named as the ‘world’s best house’ by the Architectural Review.

The v950_08_C_IA_N11_highariety and diversity of the projects accomplished by this practice betray the skill and ingenuity of the architects working at David Chipperfield. The sheer range of work, which spans both public and private realms of development including housing, galleries, and museums, is incredible. Further than that, the projects created retain a common thread to their design. Each building seems shaped by a desire to create new space that is at once fit for use, pleasing to the eye as a work of art, and congruent with the social, environmental and physical contexts that a building is built within.

For more information on David Chipperfield, see their listing on our business directory, or click here to access their website.