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Counter Terrorism Training and police video for BID Members

post-image 18th December 2015

South Bank BID—in cooperation with the Project Griffin team—is offering members access to free counter-crime and counter-terrorism training days. These free specialist awareness days will take place in a location of your choosing, and the team will provide security training and advice to businesses in the BID over the course of two hours. In order to gain access to these awareness days, you can contact the Lambeth CT focus desk here.

In light of the Paris attacks, and with the UK on severe alert for terrorist attacks, the South Bank BID has collaborated with the Metropolitan and City of London Police services in implementing ‘Project Griffin’ in our South Bank area, in order to provide better security and peace of mind for businesses and residents.

Specifically, Griffin training covers four key points, all of which are highly useful in any business environment:

1:  The nature of the threat currently posed by terrorism and violent extremism.

2:  Hostile Reconnaissance: what it is and how to report it.

3: How to deal with suspicious items.

4: Methods of attack – including “Stay Safe” Firearm attacks.

The main priorities of Project Griffin are in promoting communication between the police and organisations and in encouraging a sense of solidarity among the many businesses of London. Project Griffin serves as an open forum for those who are worried about the impact of crime and terrorism on their businesses, allowing people to pose questions to the experts delivering training, and to become better acquainted with best security practices.

If you would like to book an awareness day for your team, or you want access to more information on Project Griffin, you can do this by contacting the Project Griffin teams for Lambeth and Southwark. You can also find information on Project Griffin awareness days on the Metropolitan Police website.

In addition to this freely available training, the police have also released a Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack video and online advice form: ‘Stay Safe’ which gives information on what to do in case of an armed attack on a business in London.