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Progress: South Bank Clean Team

post-image 10th May 2016

South Bank Clean Team

Litter volume on public highways has decreased and increased in private land. Overall volumes have decreased from the previous period and this is attributed to the continued cold weather.

Increases in graffiti have continued, with prolific tagger “Larger”, “KOFE” and some others targeting the South Bank on a regular basis.  The same tags have been seen in South West London and East London.   The two dedicated South Bank Police Officers have been asked to prioritise operations to attempt to apprehend the culprits however no operation has taken place to date due to a focus on thefts from mopeds. SBEG continues to keep a full photographic record of offences which is made available to the MPS.

Clean Team January – March 2016
No. Of bags removed Graffiti removed

(Sq m)

Cleansing (Sq m) Fly-posters removed (sq m)
Public Private Public Private All Areas All Areas
4254 2116 239 3562 6261 79

Graffiti removal on private land increased by 20% from the previous quarter, which in turn was up 10% from the previous quarter.  The graffiti instances in February increased by 30% from January, and carried through to March.  Respectively February and March show the highest and second highest amounts of graffiti removed in a month for the 2015/16 year period.