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Chief Executive Update

post-image 26th November 2015

There’s lots happening with BIDs at the moment, with a growing interest in them and what they deliver.  In Lambeth, the six BIDs get together on a regular basis, with Lambeth Council, to look at new opportunities and initiatives, and how we can work together to deliver services to our businesses.

The BIDs in Central London are increasingly recognising the strength of a collective voice, whilst recognising that we operate in distinct neighbourhoods.  However, there are common themes: ensuring a clean, safe and attractive environment; improving air quality and transport; promoting areas and neighbourhoods to visitors and tourists; and ensuring that businesses know what’s happening in their local area, and can benefit from new initiatives and projects.

Many of these themes were explored at the 10th Annual British BIDS conference – held in London on 5 November.  It was a useful day, with workshops on marketing, business leadership and running successful events for members.

The conference also saw the publication of the annual nationwide BID survey, and you can access a copy of it here.  As a member, South Bank BID benefits from a range of services provided by British BIDs and I’ll be outlining some of these in future newsletters and at BID events.

We are investing more in how we engage with our BID members, so do expect to be contacted by the team from South Bank Employers’ Group, and do look out for invitation to BID events.

Finally, the BID Board meets on 10 December.  As well as discussing new projects and initiatives, we’ll be looking at the business plan for 2016/17, and reviewing security arrangements and plans, following recent events in Paris.

I know that lots of you are about to enter an incredibly busy period of the year – let’s work together to ensure that the festive and holiday season is a successful one for everyone on the South Bank.