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Boost for South Bank visitor economy with new destination website

post-image 21st March 2017

We are delighted to announce that our revamped destination website southbanklondon.com is now live.  Our goal for the new website is to inspire, educate and engage visitors with South Bank, London’s Cultural Heart, whilst providing a valuable gateway for users to connect with our visitor economy members.

The website provides a distinct sense of place, whilst catering for a variety of users, including local and overseas visitors. Impactful imagery has been deployed throughout the site, with large, legible headline fonts to deliver key brand messages. Easy-to-use search widgets showcase events and attractions, whilst an area map provides a useful tool to immediately visualise how central South Bank is.

A more advanced itinerary planner function under development will offer visitors the possibility to create their own itineraries, by linking up all of our venues.

As one of the most commonly used areas on the SBL website, the “What’s On” module has been prioritised on the homepage. It delivers content that is tailored to the user’s search requirements, adopting intelligent filtering tools and recommended content, to help increase visits to individual landing pages. In addition, the “Food & Drink”, “Hotels” and “Attractions” sections now feature prominently on our homepage, making full use of members’ imagery. All of these sections come together, as part of one narrative, in the new Explore South Bank section.

We have also strengthened the connection between our destination brand South Bank London and South Bank BID, and we have done this by the adding of the BID logo on the website footer throughout the site, creating an About Us section which acknowledges the BID and a dedicated page about the BID and its work for the local area (this is yet to be completed). We list all of our visitor economy BID members, including hotels, restaurants, shops and bars.

We hope you find the new website fresh and inspiring; we worked hard to make sure it contains all the items we think a great destination website should have.  As with any new digital products, there are areas for refinement and small snags here and there. We will welcome any feedback you may have to improve the site or your individual landing pages. Please get in touch with our team with suggestions: bid@southbanklondon.com.