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South Bank BID: Annual Report

post-image 25th November 2016

The South Bank BID annual report has been released. This new document takes a look back over the South Bank BID’s inception two years ago and the huge impact our staff have had on improving the area for businesses, residents and visitors.

Following a successful ballot of local businesses in 2014, South Bank BID was set up to create a place that: supports and encourages investment and business growth; has a flourishing and cohesive residential community; is welcoming to visitors and tourists; and is friendly, safe, clean, dynamic and diverse.

This report outlines the extent of our achievements in the first two years, and provides information on financial performance, delivery and governance. We hope it provides businesses and levypayers with a helpful summary of what South Bank BID has done on your behalf.

We believe that South Bank BID has made a great start. But there is much more to do. Together, we are working to ensure a successful and prosperous future South Bank, for everyone who works, visits or lives here.

To see the annual report for yourself, please click the box below.