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What Does the BID Do?

To respond to the issues South Bank faces and reinforced by our consultation with the South Bank business community, BID delivery focuses particularly on the following:

Delivery of a safer, cleaner and greener neighbourhood

  • South Bank Patrol provides a presence in public areas, dealing with illegal trading, petty crime and other anti-social behaviour. The Patrol Service, working in partnership with statutory agencies, also addresses issues arising from street drinking, aggressive begging and rough sleeping. The Patrol Service is at the centre of a network of security information sharing and coordination to make the South Bank a safer and more welcoming place to work in and visit.
  • We worked with Lambeth and neighbouring BIDs to develop a Business Crime Reduction Partnership which was launched in June 2014. This is a network of Police and security professionals dedicated to targeting specific crime from which the area is known to suffer disproportionately suffer. A similar arrangement will be put in place for Southwark members, given the particular need to ensure joined-up approach to tackling petty crime and illegal trading on the riverside.
  • The South Bank Clean Team and Graffiti Removal Service provides additional cleansing in the South Bank area providing a flexible, responsive service where it is needed. This ensures the area remains clean and free of graffiti to a standard appropriate to the quality and reputation of the area and in the face of ever increasing footfall.
  • The South Bank BID investigates all possible opportunities for greening the neighbourhood, whether by investing in green infrastructure or by working with businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and where possible associated business costs.

Promotion of the South Bank and its individual businesses

  • The South Bank’s success is maintained and enhanced in the face of competition from other parts of central London. Seasonal variations and peaks and troughs across the day are addressed, with a focus on increasing dwell-time and spend. The economic benefits of the visitor economy spreads as far as possible across the area.
  • The South Bank BID brings additional resources to the existing strong South Bank London promotional activity and input from a broader range of businesses to ensure that the promotional needs of the area and its businesses are addressed to the greatest possible extent.
  • Business-to-business networking is supported to encourage supply chain opportunities and a coordinated approach to the needs of the neighbourhood.

Management of the impact of construction on business

  • When the large-scale developments that are planned in the South Bank proceed, there is a risk of sustained serious disruption throughout the area, including long-term road and pavement closures, parking suspensions, diversions and loading restrictions. The South Bank BID is an integral part of mechanisms currently in development to coordinate construction activity between sites, mitigating its impact on the area as far as possible and providing businesses with the most detailed and up-to-date information on potential disruption and impacts.

Acting as a representative voice for South Bank businesses

  • Using contacts at all levels of government, the Metropolitan Police and other statutory agencies, the South Bank BID represents the interests of local businesses to all whose actions affect the business environment in the area to:
  • Help ensure that local services are matched to business needs and to mitigate the impacts of public sector cuts
  • Help drive forward enhancements to the quality of the street environment
  • Encourage and coordinate continued inward investment

Assisting in reducing operational costs for businesses

  • The South Bank BID works closely with BID members to identify services and initiatives which provide opportunities for direct reductions in business costs. This is a matter for the BID company board in consultation with BID members and proposals cover:
  1. Training and continuous professional development
  2. Marketing and promotions
  3. Recycling and waste management
  4. Utilities
  5. Staff travel

Annual baselines and targets for the headline objectives are agreed by the BID Company Board and detailed action plans are developed and tracked quarterly. Performance is measured by:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Member satisfaction surveys
  • Measuring return on investment on marketing spend
  • ‘Local Environmental Quality’ street audits

The Board keeps delivery priorities under review within the parameters of the BID proposal and makes such changes as are necessary to best serve the needs of the neighbourhood and its businesses.

Joint Policy Statement on Waterloo Station

South Bank BID and Waterloo Quater BID recognise that the barrier created by Waterloo Station seriously affects the proper functioning of the South Bank and Waterloo neighbourhood in terms of pedestrian environment, quality of transport interchange, attractiveness as a tourist and cultural destination and opportunity for retail. We further recognise that although Lambeth and Network Rail policy is to create routes through the station between York Road and Lower Marsh, new routes are not likely to be created for some 5-10 years minimum and existing routes leave much to be desired in terms of legibility and public realm quality.

South Bank BID and Waterloo Quarter BID therefore commit to work together to promote, help secure funding, influence and where appropriate deliver as many improvements as possible. To learn more about these improvements please click here.

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