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6 Nations in Waterloo

post-image 5th February 2016

Looking for a spot to watch the rugby near Waterloo? We’ve got two for you within a 3 minute walk of the station, so you won’t miss a second of play.

The Hole in the Wall pub is just the place to catch the rugby in central. Located on Mepham Street, it’s roughly 2-3 minutes walk out of the entrance of Waterloo station. They will be streaming every single game, so you don’t need to worry. No more will you constantly think: ‘WILL IT BE ON?! What if it isn’t on?’ It will be!

If you get there, make sure to take advantage of their new beer, ‘intergalactic’ which is currently on special offer at £4.05.

Even more convenient for the rugby fan in need is the Sports Bar and Grill. Located within the station (even the laziest of commuters have no excuse) it serves a wide variety of hearty food, and you’re never more than 2 metres from the nearest television.

For more information, head down to the Hole in the Wall in person, and check out the Sports Bar & Grill website for full details and fixtures.