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2019 Renewal Ballot


South Bank BID was set up in 2014 to improve the management of South Bank in the face of increasing footfall and falling public spending. We fund and support a number of public realm services, including enhanced security, cleaning and refuse collection, and help to promote South Bank as a leading visitor destination for domestic and international visitors. We are a voice for South Bank businesses and provide a wealth of networking opportunities to the organisations in our BID area through event and networking programmes.

South Bank BID has been operating for more than five years now and on 28 May 2019, we held our first renewal ballot, through which we proposed to run a further five years of essential support services for South Bank’s businesses, from 1 Oct 2019 to 30 September 2024.

We were delighted to receive a strong ultimatum to deliver the services that businesses in South Bank clearly value, with a UK record renewal ballot result of 99% of voters both in terms of overall majority and rateable value saying Yes to renewing our services. This was on a ballot turnout of 57% of all voters.

We are excited about delivering a world-class South Bank for everyone in the next five years, through taking our learnings from the term of the first BID and delivering smarter, more ambitious programmes that address the ongoing challenge of keeping South Bank safe, secure and clean in the context of an exciting period of growth and change. South Bank BID is uniquely positioned to lead South Bank’s businesses through this transformation.

You can download our Business Plan, which outlines are ongoing commitments and further investments in areas such as security, sustainability and employment, learning and skills here.

This will give you all the information you need to understand what the BID is proposing to deliver in the next five years for this area, before you then cast your vote again in 2024.



South Bank BID is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, which is funded and led by the local business community, with a Board of Directors drawn from a range of businesses within the BID area who work to support all our levy paying members and to represent their views.

With over 300 BIDs in the UK and more than 60 now in London alone, BIDs are increasingly leading on the delivery of business solutions designed to address local business concerns.

The BID is funded by a levy, raised in addition to business rates and spent exclusively in the area. There are currently around 265 BID levy payers, who are businesses that have hereditaments (units of property with a rateable business value) in the South Bank BID area that have a rateable value above the valuation threshold the BID established to be a levy payer of £50,000 or more.


Legally, BIDs in the UK can only operate for a maximum of five years. They are established through a democratic ballot. Every five years, local businesses have the chance to vote in favour (or against) the continuation of the BID. If the ballot delivers a majority, the five-year term can continue. South Bank BID’s first term ends in September 2019, and we need your vote as a levy payer to ensure we continue to provide essential services to the businesses of South Bank.


From 28th May 2019 to 27th June 2019, eligible local businesses have the chance to express their support for another five years in the renewal ballot.


In South Bank, every business that is based within the boundary area which has a Rateable Value (RV) of £50,000 or over will have the right to vote.


Following the BID renewal, businesses within the BID area will begin paying an annual levy of 1.12% (based on the rateable value of their property). The levy will increase from April 2021, rising by 0.03% each subsequent year thereafter – so businesses with a rateable value of £75,000 will pay just £16 a week towards all the services of the BID if the ballot is successful.

Charitable organisations in receipt of mandatory charitable relief from business rates will receive an 80% relief reduction and businesses operating within Waterloo Station that are subject to a Network Rail service charge receive a 50% reduction.

For larger businesses, there is a cap of £30,000 levy on any individual hereditament or £40,000 on multiple hereditaments per borough – the BID operates in both Lambeth and Southwark boroughs.


You are voting on whether you want to see South Bank BID continue to provide essential services for the South Bank area, in addition to those provided through the local authority. These services, which will be explained in detail in the Business Plan, include:

  • Providing waste collection, street cleaning and graffiti removal through South Bank Clean Team – including a new investment in electric vehicles
  • A uniformed South Bank Patrol service, four dedicated Met Police officers and a new British Transport Police Community Support Officer for Waterloo Station, all working to provide visible security and policing on an all-year round basis
  • Ongoing promotion of the South Bank area to visitors, Londoners and local employees and residents, driving new business to our bars and restaurants
  • Continuation of the STAR Card, providing exclusive deals and offers for employees, students and residents
  • Lobbying that provides a voice for the South Bank business community on issues that affect us, including business rates, transportation and infrastructure
  • Initiatives to enable businesses to work more effectively, including construction coordination / communication programmes, freight consolidation and local energy networks
  • A new employment and skills support service, to match local talent to our businesses’ ongoing recruitment needs, situated in a new location in the heart of South Bank.


If you decide not to vote, you will not have a say on whether the BID continues for another five years. If more than 50% of eligible voters vote no, South Bank BID will cease to operate in October 2019 and a number of key services provided by the BID will need to be discontinued.

To have a successful renewal ballot, South Bank BID will need at least 50% (+1) of responding eligible voters voting yes in both numerical majority and rateable value. If the BID is successful in achieving the renewal ballot, you will still be a part of the BID for the next five years, regardless of whether you voted for, against or abstained.


We believe that all businesses should vote Yes as the stronger the majority, the stronger the mandate for South Bank BID to build a world-class neighbourhood for our businesses.

On the 28th May 2019, an independent organisation called Electoral Reform Service (ERS) will post your ballot papers directly to your business address. Please look out for a pink envelope, cast your vote and then post it back using the prepaid envelope provided. You have until the 27th June 2019 to respond – but please do not leave it too late!


We are here to answer your questions and explain what the BID has continues to delivered for businesses here in South Bank on a daily basis.

We are always happy to explain what the BID has achieved so far and intends to deliver, whether you are an existing levy payer, or a new organisation arriving in South Bank for the first time.

Please get in touch via email – bid@southbanklondon.co.uk – or call us on 020 7900 6900. We’d love to meet you!

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